Faye Bell (daintynymph) wrote in qc_comic,
Faye Bell

Martin's date

Does anyone else see him taking Claire and much awkwardness ensuing because he's completely oblivious of her very obvious crush on him? He could bring Marigold, but she's already been shown to develop rampant infatuation for guys who are nice to her, leading to the same situation. I'd say he should bring Steve for a bro date but that's not a very interesting story.

  • #3493

    A box was opened at CERN today reveaing the body of Erwin Schroedinger. He appeared to have been clawed to death.

  • (no subject)

    Crap, Jeph, I'm sorry. I was wondering if something had happened. Take care of yourself, and heal well and quickly!

  • Maids

    Not the first one I've known to act like this. Sounds like she's running Bertaware.

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