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I used to get migraines that left me crawling through the house because it hurt to lift my head.

I increased my salt intake.

They vanished.

The amount of salt put in food nowadays is medically fashionable, but it's not enough to maintain electrolyte balance. Capillaries start acting funny.

I have no idea if this will help, but I hope it does.

(In dire emergency I would take half a teaspoon of salt and about a cup of ice water. Usually started working in a couple of minutes.)
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Wait, what?

So, A while ago I went back and started re-reading QC, just because. I'm getting to where they meet Hanners, and I don't remember her starting off like this. She was smoking in the bathroom at the bar. Has she ever smoked again since? Didn't remember her hair being quite that long, either.

Also, poor forgotten Winslow. Haven't seen him in a comic in a while.
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Martin's date

Does anyone else see him taking Claire and much awkwardness ensuing because he's completely oblivious of her very obvious crush on him? He could bring Marigold, but she's already been shown to develop rampant infatuation for guys who are nice to her, leading to the same situation. I'd say he should bring Steve for a bro date but that's not a very interesting story.